Evaluation of Camera APP Interface Element Layout Based on Interface Aesthetics Model

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yuan FangZhisheng ZhangZhijie Xia

Abstract: With the popularity of large-screen smartphones, more and more mobile applications are appearing in the market. However, there are few studies on the comprehensive aesthetics of these application interfaces. In order to effectively evaluate the comprehensive aesthetics of the app interface and provide a reference for App interface design. By studying the characteristics of mobile application interfaces and combining expert opinions, this study selects six of the 13 interface aesthetics indicators proposed by Ngo as the criteria for evaluating the aesthetics of mobile interfaces in this paper, they are balance, symmetry, sequence, simplicity, density and regularity. By using a series of algorithms to quantify these six indicators and introducing hierarchical analysis (AHP) to calculate the weight of each aesthetic indicator, the comprehensive aesthetic value of the App interface is finally obtained. Therefore, this paper proposes a method for evaluating the comprehensive aesthetics of App interfaces. Moreover, this paper takes the interfaces of six photography applications as examples, and calculates their comprehensive aesthetic value by abstracting the App interface elements into different rectangles, and after optimizing the design of the interface with the lowest value, the comprehensive aesthetics of its interface is calculated again, and the results show that the comprehensive aesthetics of the optimized App interface is higher than the comprehensive aesthetics of the original interface. This verifies the effectiveness of the method for evaluating the comprehensive aesthetics of App interfaces and helps designers to improve the design of existing application interfaces.

Keywords: App interface, Aesthetics evaluation, Aesthetic measures, AHP

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001954

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