Evaluation of foreign e-commerce web interface element layout based on Moon-Spencer model

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Haoran ShaoZhisheng ZhangZhijie Xia

Abstract: The e-commerce platform is developing rapidly. Well-designed web interface can improve consumers' browsing experience and enhance market competitiveness. NGO Proposed an objective method to measure the aesthetic value of the interface by combining the characteristic elements of the interface design with the user's visual perception. The model is composed of 13 measurement features. However, it lacks objectivity because it does not consider the impact of color on interface aesthetics and human perceptual characteristics. In order to analyze the e-commerce website design more scientifically and reasonably, six aesthetic measures are selected and quantified combined with the Moon-Spencer model. And the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is introduced to calculate the weight of each index, so as to get the comprehensive aesthetic value of the interface. Which in the end could help guide the designer to design and improve the e-commerce page.

Keywords: interface design harmony degree analytic hierarchy process design evaluation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001955

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