The style correlation between color palette generated by the k-means and original picture

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Zhihao ZhangZhisheng ZhangZhijie Xia

Abstract: A color theme (palette) is a set of significant color samples that can represent color choices in works of art or designs. The generation of color palette usually starts from selecting an appropriate image, and then extracting colors from the image to form a color palette. This paper use a method, K-means clustering algorithm, to extract seven colors from pictures to generate a 7 color palette for designers. Whether the extracted palette can reflect the image of the original image is the key to extracting color. Therefore, this paper designs a qualitative scale according to the pre semantic difference method, and the subjects subjectively evaluate the color of the image and from the image according to the qualitative scale. Then, the correlation coefficient is used to measure the subjective feeling correlation between the two pictures, so as to judge whether the style of the palette generated by the main tone of the picture can reflect the style of the original picture and could used by designer.

Keywords: k- means, color palette, style, Semantic Difference Method

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001956

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