Trend Analysis of the Layout Design of the Smartphone's Rear Screen Based on Aesthetics

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Chang GaoZhisheng ZhangZhijie Xia

Abstract: The layout design elements of the smartphone’s rear screen mainly include the camera, flash, fingerprint lock, brand logo, product information. In order to study the trend of the layout design of the rear screen elements of mobile phones in the context of the rapid iteration of smartphones. This paper selected 12 mobile phones in 3 series of Apple brand and Huawei brand as the research object. In addition, 6 aesthetic metrics: balance, symmetry, integrity, simplicity, cohesion, and proportional beauty were selected to perform quantitative calculations on the layout of mobile phone rear screen elements. And 59 users were required to perform subjective evaluation and sorting of the research objects. The results indicated that samples with high user acceptance have the better comprehensive performance of aesthetic evaluation. In addition, the layout design of mobile phone rear screen elements shows a trend of paying more attention to aesthetics. In particular, the results could help designers grasp the trend of mobile phone rear screen design better based on the aesthetic evaluation.

Keywords: Interface aesthetics, Aesthetic measures, Aesthetic characteristics, Smartphone design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001957

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