In-car sound design under the framework of emotional design

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yufei LiuDanhua Zhao

Abstract: In the in-car interactive system, sound is an efficient and indispensable interactive element. As the in-car interaction design focuses more on the experience improvement brought about by the user's emotional changes, the in-car sound design has gradually introduced emotional design methods into the design process. The literature on in-car sound design is increasing, but there is no overview of the in-car sound design under the framework of emotional design.This paper aims to provide a literature review on the subject of the emotional design of in-car sounds. Based on keywords searching, the paper screened the topic-related papers since 2011 to sort out the development trend of in-car sound design in the past ten years and refined the application of emotional design methods in sound design. The paper summarizes the research trends of in-car emotional sound interaction as follows: (1) Personification; (2) Emotional trigger mechanism; (3) Speech and sound effects.

Keywords: Sound design, Emotional design, In-car sound system, Literature review

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001964

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