HeroFit: A gamified solution with a mini game, to promote the change of sedentary behaviors.

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Francisco RebeloDiana CarvalhoPaulo NoriegaElisangela Vilar

Abstract: One of the main barriers to non-sedentary behavior is the fact that professional work needs to be done while seated. Since non-sedentary tasks must be performed repeatedly, one should not solely exercise outside of work, as this can lead to a long period of sedentary lifestyle during working hours. In this study, a solution was thought up, HeroFit, that would motivate people to perform low intensity exercises for longer periods of time and consequently lead to a change in their routines. The results showed that the HeroFit application, had a good acceptance rate by users who have tested it. It had all the necessary features to monitor physical activity, as well as a strong gamification component, which goes further than the existing applications on the market, by incorporating a mini game where the user had a greater goal than just socialization and physical performance.

Keywords: Game design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001970

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