Development of a new foot device for Hallux Valgus correction: preliminary results

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Marcos GadoyFilipa Carvalho

Abstract: Hallux Valgus is a progressive subluxation of the first metatarsal-phalangeal joint, represented by a lateral deviation of the hallux in relation to the first metatarsal bone in more than 15°, which it affects. 20% of the population aged between 18 and 65 years and over 35% of patients aged ≥65 years with a higher prevalence in women (30%) than in men (13%). The main objective of this study is to develop a new device (foot piece) to attach to the inner surface of the shoe insole (anterior region of the first ray of the foot) promoting a small elevation and, consequently, the hypothesis of correction in alignment of this region and relief of symptoms caused by alterations resulting from Hallux Valgus. Some inclusion criteria were defined that will be verified through a physical evaluation and brief anamnesis. To verify the functional alterations and possible signs and symptoms of the pathology, the Brazilian version of Foot Function Index (FFI) were applied, in the initial and final phase of the study. To assess the alignment of the hallux, computerized biophogrammetry were performed using specific software to record and compare the evolution after a defined period of using the foot piece. The main objective of this manuscript will be presenting the preliminary results of the study. The results obtained suggest that there may be improvements both in terms of pain symptoms and in the correction of hallux deviation.

Keywords: Hallux Valgus, biophogrammetry, Foot Function Index, Foot device, orthosis

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001981

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