Design of toddler care equipment based on facial emotion recognition technology

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Li GuanweiJing Luo

Abstract: Emotional neglect for children is the most important form of early life maltreatment (ELM), and the damage it brings to society is incalculable (Müller, 2019). At the same time, the increasing pressure has left some parents with no time and energy to care for their children, leading to emotional neglect in increasing prevalence. These facts remind us of the need to pay attention to the emotional needs of children. Therefore, products that alleviate the phenomenon of children's emotional neglect are worthy of research. It is easy to understand that artificial intelligence is booming in the field of emotion recognition through literature research, and it will have great potential in the future. This issue will explore the application of facial emotion recognition in children's life situations through research on the current situation of emotional neglect. And try to apply facial emotion recognition to monitoring equipment for the toddler to reduce parenting pressure for parents and satisfy the emotional needs of children.Keywords: Toddlers, Facial Emotion Recognition, AI, Emotion Neglect

Keywords: infant care, facial emotion recognition technology, interactive design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001982

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