Brand Marks examination. Empirical study of graphic parts in their relation to contrast, recognition, and memorization.

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Authors: Daniel RaposoFernando Moreira Da SilvaRicardo CorreiaRogério RibeiroJoão NevesJose Silva

Abstract: Brand Visual Identity is an identification system that, with flexibility, ensures the unity and coherence of visual communication (in multiple media: physical as products, objects, or graphics; architectural and ambiance; audio-visual; digital and virtual).Brand Marks occupy a top place in the good performance of most Brand Visual Identity systems, even when these rely more on imagery and use Brand Marks with less expressiveness. In dynamic Visual Identity systems, the Brand Marks may constitute themselves as systems within the Brand Visual Identity supersystem.This study aims to dissect existing brand marks, focusing on how the graphic components (symbol, logotype) are designed, prioritised, and correlated to achieve differentiation, contrast, recognition, and memorisation. This include an empirical examination based on direct observation and exploration and in survey by questionnaire with a sample of 400 participants, aiming at the definition of design principles to aid the design of Brand Marks and to be considered in the definition of the "map of competitors" tool, which intends to aid in the analysis of multiple visual identities competing in the same market or segment.

Keywords: Brand Marks examination, Empirical study, Logotype, Symbol, Contrast, Recognition, Memorization

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001985

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