From the Driver's Point of View of Information Reception: Building a Design Strategy for Aiding Interaction with Novice Drivers

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ziwen HanYing ZhaoHao YangNan FuYifan Han

Abstract: This paper focuses on the division of driving experience into novice drivers and experienced drivers, with novice drivers considered as the target group. The relationship between the two shows that novice driving is an inevitable process to become experienced driving and shows that the development and formation of driving habits is extraordinarily important. In practice, this is often the case: novice drivers are accompanied by driving instructors. However, the amount of information received by the novice driver is invariably increased. Not only do they have to receive information from the driver's guide, but they also need to be aware of the road conditions and information in the car. This high volume of information leaves the novice driver with a limited attention span and insufficient driving ability. In this research and quantitative analysis, we extract and analyse the needs of novice drivers and the sources of information quality, propose a novice driver information processing model, establish a human-machine model of assisted driving for novice drivers and a novice driver assistance interaction design strategy, with the goal of improving the execution efficiency of novice drivers, developing systematic driving knowledge and forming good driving habits.

Keywords: Novice driving, emotional anxiety, service design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001920

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