Creativity and Emotion in Design

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Authors: Ana Moreira Da Silva

Abstract: Creativity in Design can be related to Emotion, particularly to the Emotional Mind. We perceive, interpret and memorize things differently depending on our emotional states. We are emotional and emphatic beings. The experiences we have gone through, the challenges we have learned from and the circumstances that have made us, reflect on our work as designers.Creativity is the process of solving a new problem by creating a new pattern of brain connections; it is a spark between previously unrelated concepts acquired through learning and experiencing. The act of creation requires the brain to find new associations, new connections between its neurons. The creation of something new and unusual is literally a spark that links previously unrelated neural groups and joins previously distant conceptual areas: the creative thinking.Sketching can stimulate a re-interpretive cycle in the individual designer’s idea generation process. It appears that sketches stimulate creativity in this ideas generation process, by providing new directions for ideas to breed in an individual generate-interpret cycle. A drawing happens when we engage our hands to capture what we are thinking or experiencing. The hand is an extension for our brain which can make visible our ideas through sketches. The proportion of sensorimotor cortex devoted to hand function is considerably greater than that devoted to other body segments. Several authors even call the hand has ‘the outer brain’. We are developing an ongoing research concerned with investigating the ways in which the activity of sketching stimulates creativity in design.Under a qualitative research, based on literature review methodology, through the study and interpretation of several authors’ statements, this paper investigates the relations between Creativity and Emotion in Design, and also, aims to stimulate reflection and bring new perspectives on the nowadays use of sketching within this relation creativity/emotions present in the designers mind as an emotional human being.

Keywords: Design, Creativity, Emotion, Sketching

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001996

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