Age-friendly Digital Express Service Experience Design Framework

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jean CaoHao JiangJiangjingjing XuYu HongTiantian Li

Abstract: The rapid development and popularization of logistics digitalization in China risks excluding the elderly who often find it hard to use digital express services due to the lack of digital knowledge and physical impairment. Design for an ageing population has become an essential social requirement. Through desk research, observation, interviews and thematic analysis, this paper provides insights into the physical and psychological barriers of elderly users in digital express service scenarios. It examines user needs from the dimensions of five barriers: perception, physical, mobility, cognitive, and psychological. This study puts forward the design strategy and experience framework model of age-friendly express services from service process, space design, hardware design, interaction design and emotional durability design. We improve service acceptance, emotional satisfaction by enhancing information recognizability, understandability, operation convenience and spatial accessibility. The optimized service system proposes a new service experience for the Cainiao Post to improve the satisfaction of elderly users.

Keywords: Aging Design, Logistics, Service Design, Ability barriers, Emotional Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001998

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