User experience of spatial immersive interactive systems in autonomous vehicles: A case study of HUD mixed reality

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Kaimin GuoYuanbo SunShuai Sun

Abstract: It is a sense of social responsibility for designers to meet the physiological and psychological needs of users in daily life by designing the interior space of cars. Based on the concept of immersive interaction, existing and conceptualized automotive interior samples are analyzed. Through literature research and big data collection, the perceptual needs of users are analyzed, as well as the specific functional requirements and modeling requirements of target users for automotive interiors. Finally, with the support of the existing interaction technology, HUD is taken as the main development point and the design points summarized in the previous stage are combined to carry out the automobile immersive interaction design practice. This paper aims to discuss the design status and development trend of intelligent vehicle interior design based on immersive interaction, and help realize human-centered design.

Keywords: The user experience;Car interior design;Immersive interaction

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001999

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