'Design of ergonomic emergency car toilet seats as a solution to severe traffic in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Authors: Dessy Laksyana UtamiAdi Heru SutomoKetut Ima IsmaraAisy Luthfianisa Putri

Abstract: This research aims to create an ergonomic emergency toilet design on car seats. This system can offer more convenience and comfort for car drivers stuck in traffic jams for hours. Background: Congestion in Jakarta is one of the few problems the government has not resolved to date. The leading cause is the amount of transportation. Reducing the use of private vehicles, such as cars or motorbikes, and the number of people in Jakarta is very anxious because traffic congestion in Jakarta and surrounding areas is worsening. Even the highways used to free us from traffic obstructing our roads because cars are everywhere. This situation can be a problem when using the toilet where the driver is stuck in traffic for hours. This method induces discomfort and causes urinary system disorders and bladder disease. Method: To design an emergency toilet system on a car seat, an ergonomic approach introduces a new design concept for car drivers and passengers. Using this toilet system, users do not need to get out of the car, but simply opening the hole cover in the seat can be used easily and more comfortably. Result: Emergency toilet on the car seat. Passengers can also use this because it is made on every seat in the car.

Keywords: Emergency toilet, toilet car, Traffic Jam toilet, Traffic jam Jakarta

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002004

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