Where does the "Mukbang" boom go? Research based on Use and Gratifications

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Authors: Shuangxu LiZhaolin LuJingwen LiangJingjing LiJianan Xv

Abstract: This paper aims at studying the influence of young people's needs on the number of clicks on "Mukbang", and to understand the characteristics of their audiences. The method is based on the theory of Uses and Gratifications in mass communication theory. The questionnaire is designed and distributed from cognitive needs, emotional needs, personal integration needs, social integration needs, having watched "Mukbang" videos on video websites, and the need to relieve stress. And use statistical software to analyze the results, and empirically test the relationship between the needs of young people and the number of clicks on "Mukbang". The results showed that: ①In the user's physiological needs, being attracted by the appearance of food and the frequency of clicking "Mukbang" showed a significant positive impact; being attracted by the appearance of the anchor showed a significant positive correlation with the degree of necessity to watch "Mukbang"; ② Among the psychological needs of users, the psychology of weight loss, the psychology of recreation and entertainment is significantly positively correlated with the frequency of clicking "Mukbang"; the need to enjoy the companionship of "Mukbang" is significantly positively correlated with the necessity of watching "Mukbang"; it is inferred that the two Large categories of people who watch "Mukbang" have made design innovations in the design practice according to the characteristics of different groups of people.

Keywords: Industrial Design, Design Psychology, Quantitative Analysis, Young People, "Mukbang" Phenomenon

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002006

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