Securing Project Goals: The Art of Guarding against Construction Project Failure

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Authors: Olushola AkinshipeClinton AigbavboaDouglas AghimienAyodeji Oke

Abstract: Construction project failures are often attributed to the slackness of different project stakeholders. However, it is important to note that the success or failure of construction projects can span from characteristics that could either be internal or external to the project. Avoiding project failures that could lead to premature project closure is pertinent in all projects. Every project’s goal is to fulfil its objectives and ultimately reach a successful ending. Therefore, it is imperative to explore the measures that secure project goals and, by extension, lead to success in projects. Thus, this study explores the success factors of construction projects and how failure can be avoided. Data for the study was gathered through a survey of construction professionals in South Africa. The questionnaire survey was designed to collect data pertinent to achieving the aim of the study. The data gathered was analysed using descriptive analysis to rank the measured factors. The results revealed that effectively planning for and managing all the resources needed for a project are the important elements that should be considered for guarding against premature closure of construction projects. Resources encompassing human resources, material resources, machinery resources must be properly and adequately provided for projects to reduce the probability of project flow interruption, thus reducing the risk of closing projects prematurely.

Keywords: Project Success, Premature Project Closure, Construction Process, Project Management, Project Team

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002225

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