The Impact of Covid-19 on Job Security of Millennial Quantity Surveyors

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Elzane Van EckDanie Hoffman

Abstract: The covid-19 pandemic brought about disruption, change and challenges in many industries including the construction industry. Quantity Surveyors are the cost consultants of this industry. In 2021, 72% of all quantity surveyors in South Africa were younger than 45 years and the vast majority of this group form part of the millennial cohort. Millennials are the future upon which the quantity surveying profession will build and job security plays a key role when it comes to retaining talent. The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact covid-19 had on job security of millennial quantity surveyors. A quantitative research design was utilised making use of a questionnaire as research instrument. The questionnaire was distributed nationally by, the Association of South African Quantity Surveyors. The main findings indicate that 63% of millennial quantity surveyors felt that their jobs are not secure anymore and 48% indicated that they were considering emigration. The findings of this paper will be of value to quantity surveying employers as well as associations and professional bodies in the Built Environment.

Keywords: Quantity Surveying, Millennials, Covid-19

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002241

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