Factors Affecting Total Quality Management Implementation in the Construction Industry

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Authors: Benjamen Sunkanmi AdeyemiClinton AigbavboaWellington D Thwala

Abstract: Total quality management (TQM) is an organisation idea that regularly enhances the superiority of products as well as services by concentrating on the customers’ necessities and desires to improve customer satisfaction. This paper aimed to review previous literatures on various issues affecting TQM implementation in the construction industry such as absence of benchmarking, employee confrontation to change, absence of understanding, inadequate preparation, absence of top management obligation, absence of customer focus, absence of rewards and acknowledgment, inadequate evaluation processes, insufficient fund, inefficient management, inadequate raw materials, lack of proper communication and unproductive leadership. This research source for information through recognised articles in journals, conference papers, government reports and so on. The findings from the extensive literature review form previous studies are cross-sectional. According to the previous research, it was revealed that those challenges of total quality management are vary. It is recommended that construction stakeholders should always avoid any obstacle that can affect total quality management in the construction industry.

Keywords: Total Quality Management, Construction Industry, Total Quality Management Barriers.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002243

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