Exploration of Building Information Modelling in the Nigerian Construction Industry

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Authors: Benjamen Sunkanmi AdeyemiHelen Ifedolapo BabalolaClinton AigbavboaWellington D Thwala

Abstract: This study aims to examine various challenges of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the Nigerian construction industry (NCI). In this study, a quantitative method was used. A sum of 80 questionnaires were sent out, and 57 questionnaires were received back from the construction professionals in Nigeria. The findings revealed major challenges facing BIM in the NCI such as individual opinions concerning BIM, absence of non-integration of model design, inadequate protocol relating to BIM, inadequate protocol relating to BIM, and lack of competent staff. There is need for construction stakeholders to avoid anything causing hindrances to the use of BIM in the NCI. The study objectives were accomplished from the literature as well as questionnaires usage. It is recommended that construction stakeholders need to be careful with the kind of opinion they offer pertaining to the application of BIM in Nigeria.

Keywords: Building Information Modelling, Construction Industry, BIM Challenges, Nigeria.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002229

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