Sustainable Design of Commercial and Residential Complexes - An Example of Wantun Community Project

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Authors: Xia WeiWojciech BonenbergMo ZhouJinzhong Wang

Abstract: High-rise commercial and residential buildings are a type of building that has been developing rapidly in urban centers in recent years. With the continuous development of urbanization, it has an increasing impact on the sustainable development of the human living environment, and the study of the sustainable design of such high-rise commercial and residential buildings is a matter of great urgency. Human society has entered the ecological era, and all aspects of the social economy are increasingly labeled as eco-friendly and sustainable in the development process. High-rise commercial and residential buildings, because of their comprehensive functions, are bound to bring the defects of high energy consumption and high pollution. Therefore, the design of high-rise commercial and residential buildings should be based on the principle of sustainable design, scientific and reasonable planning of the building plan, and the implementation of high utilization rate of building functions to ensure that the building can comply with the principles of ecological and environmental protection and sustainable development, which is the development trend of high-rise commercial and residential building planning and architectural design at present and for a long time in the future. This paper analyzes the necessity of sustainable design for commercial and residential complexes in modern cities, and examines the sustainable design of high-rise commercial and residential complexes in detail in terms of the plan layout of building units and traffic organization design, taking into account the design practice of the Wantun community.

Keywords: Commercial and Residential Complexes, Sustainable Design, High-rise Building

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002326

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