The importance of the adobe brick for a sustainable architecture in Mexico

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Marcela De ObaldiaFabiola Cortes ChavezAlberto Rossa-SierraMariel Garcia-Hernandez

Abstract: For many years, humans have being using the resources of the planet to create a more comfortable way of living without thinking the consequencues. Construction is considered to be one of the areas that generates great impact to the environment.Today, one of the biggest concerns is caring for the environment based on all the premises that sustainability recomends.Since humans became sedentary many great cities have been built with materials like adobe (soil and water) and today are still standing as a clear evidence of durability.In Mexico, adobe is a hardly used material that due to its composition and elaboration process is considered sustainable and should be considered important to analyze its past to propose how to bring the use of this material to the present needs

Keywords: Adobe bricks, sustainability, Mexico, architecture

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002336

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