A Comparison of Physical Environmental Design/Assessment Methods in Elderly Care Facilities between UK and China

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Chenran LiJiangtao Du

Abstract: This study presented a comparative analysis of design/assessment methods of elderly care facility between UK and China, including eleven British instruments and three Chinese instruments, which were achieved using a systematic review. Two typical assessment methods were chosen to conduct a cross-country comparison, such as EVOLVE (UK) and CASCO (China). Compared with the British instrument, the Chinese method focused on the facility management; there was a clear lack of practical strategies for planning and assessing environmental performances. It is necessary to carry on more studies to develop reliable and valid assessment methods in Chinese elderly care facilities.

Keywords: Physical Environment, Elderly Care Facilities, Design/Assessment Methods, Comparative Analysis, UK and China

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002338

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