University High-end Equipment Dynamics and Control Team Laboratory Space Remodeling Design

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Authors: Tingyu YangQian Ji

Abstract: As China gradually attaches importance to new-built laboratories, more and more laboratory construction and remodeling has been put on schedule, in order to improve the efficiency of university laboratories space utilization. This paper focuses on the research on remodeling design of the High-end Equipment Dynamic and Control Team(DDC)laboratory in School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, under the guidance of participatory design method to meet clients’ need. Participatory design method has been an important guiding principle in this design project. In the design process, designers sought out stakeholders to clarify the difference between designers’ and the users’ thinking, and explored design possibilities with stakeholders based on actual conditions, in order to raise a better design proposal.Before specific implementation, through on-site visit to the laboratories the design team discovered pain points of the laboratory environment. With ergonomics, environmental psychology, aesthetic psychology factors considered, further exploration and consideration of the needs of users were conducted and defined. Afterwards, the proposal has been raised to strive to create a safe, comfortable and beautiful scientific research space for the laboratory stakeholders. After renovated, the laboratory appears to have an unified style, where laboratory space and resources were reasonably arranged, ensuring the laboratory’s daily operation and development.

Keywords: Participatory Design Method, Laboratory remodeling, Laboratory redesign

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002343

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