Enhancing Rural Sustainable Development and Rural Innovation through Adaptive Design Strategies

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Mo ZhouWojciech BonenbergXia WeiLing Qi

Abstract: Many rural areas have been facing declining during the rapid urbanization process in various different countries. How to keep rurally sustainable developing with their own characteristics in order to sustain diversification? There are plenty of strategies to boost the rural economy and improve living conditions. This paper is taking a case study from the rural areas in the Greater Poland region, the assessment of adaptive design connecting the strategies to boost the rural development and innovation solutions have been traced during the research work. Furthermore, increasing the local job opportunities and providing innovative technologies for farming and local firms are good proposals, which are beneficial to the rural sustainable revitalization. Adaptive design combing with local regional conditions can provide a guideline for improving rural life quality and preserving the environment in rural areas.

Keywords: Rural Revitalization, Sustainable development, Innovations, Adaptive Design, Strategies

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002344

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