Design of Rural Public Cultural Activity Space

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Siyi Wang

Abstract: Rural public cultural activity space is an important space for villagers to communicate with neighbors. It is also the main place for villagers to conduct daily communication and participate in public affairs. However, at the time of rural development and construction, there has been a situation of integration of rural community space construction and urban space construction. Faced with these problems, this article takes Jinxing Village in China as an example. Starting from the cultural needs of community residents, this article conducts a specific investigation, research and analysis of the current situation of the use of public cultural activity space, in order to deeply explore the public cultural activities and community activities of community residents. It also provides reference and ideas for the design and renewal of other rural public cultural spaces.

Keywords: rural community, public cultural activities, activity space

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002345

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