Perception and Design of Traditional Village Public Landscape Based on Place Attachment - A Case Study of Futian Town, Jiangxi Province, China

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Authors: Wei HuangShizhu LuYuqing Guo

Abstract: Traditional villages are an important carrier of traditional Chinese culture, and about 35.28% of China's population lives in villages. Because of the loss of local characteristics in public places and over-urbanization of villages, villagers' place attachment needs are not satisfied. Taking Futian town in Jiangxi province as an example, this paper measures the degree of place attachment of residents of different age groups to elements of the village public landscape by using a place attachment questionnaire and villagers' interviews, explores the factors of differences in attachment perceptions of residents of each age group and explores the characteristics of village public landscape that trigger local attachment of local residents.

Keywords: Place Attachment, Village Public Landscape, Emotional Perception;Landscape Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002349

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