Strategic urban planning of the banks of the Daule river: Case study in Guayas, Ecuador.

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Authors: Dennisse Alvarez MaciasJesús Rafael Hechavarría HernándezMaria Pin

Abstract: The strategic location of the neighborhood “Entrada a Daule” on the banks of the Daule River has led to a disorderly increase in informal settlements over the past decades as result of its proximity to the city of Guayaquil. This study proposes an urban planning that is oriented towards sustainable, organized, and planned development contemplating conditions for environmental development, economic and social growth that are conceived in the assessed region. Therefore, based on the identified variables, it is sought to meet the following objectives: inclusive and equitable resilient urban planning; strengthen local govern through a real citizen participation by carrying out the “Right to the City”; and characterize the existing natural element of the territory as a limiting factor in the creation of land use regulations. In summary, the urban intervention plan aims to recover the dynamics and landscape environmental characterization of the region to achieve a sustainable and comprehensive future in terms of city projection and construction policies.

Keywords: Sustainable urban development, strategic urban planning, urban indicators, Daule Ecuador

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002356

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