The Future of Facility Management: A Case for Digital Twin

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Olushola AkinshipeClinton AigbavboaChimay Anumba

Abstract: In the field of building and construction, a digital twin model of all physical information substantially enhances decision making all through the individual stages in the life cycle of a facility starting from the preconstruction activities to deconstruction. In essence, digital twin can increase efficiency in building construction, management, and deconstruction. Based on this, the current study aims to understudy the benefits of application of digital twin to the built environment and building management systems. The study reviewed archived literature on digital twin, facility management, building management systems and the built environment. Findings from this study revealed the importance of digital twin in the built environment. Digital twin technology is a means to efficiently accomplish tasks in the building and construction industry. It can be used to mitigate cost and risks in the probable chance that something goes wrong. The predictive nature of digital twin is a massive game-changer for effective forecasting in building management; hence there is an imperative need to seek its advancement within the building industry.

Keywords: Digital Twin, Digitalisation, Cyber-Physical Systems, Facility Management, Building Management

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002360

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