Legal Factors in the Nigerian Construction Industry

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Benjamen Sunkanmi AdeyemiClinton AigbavboaWellington D Thwala

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to review literature on various legal factors in the Nigerian construction industry (NCI). This research utilised various sources of information from previous studies on conference papers, articles in journals, and so on. Various keywords were utilised to search for the information related to the subject matter of this study. Moreover, some of the legal factors revealed from literature are regulations regarding the environment, professional codes of practices, health and safety regulations, permit, tax and insurance, interpretation of contractual documents, fiduciary relations, misrepresentation, incapability of procurement system, right of clients to change design, avoidance of responsibility, and ambiguity of work legislation. The study likewise discusses legal theories such as natural legal and legal positivism theory. Thereafter, the legal principles in the NCI were discussed. However, this study increases the knowledge of construction stakeholders. It is highly recommended that all factors that can result to legal issues should be avoided, in order to improve the efficiency of the NCI.

Keywords: Legal Factors, Legal theories, Legal Principles, Nigeria, Construction Industry

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002361

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