Territorial strategic plan focused on the sustainable urban-environmental micro-zoning of the Puerto Jeli parish, Santa Rosa canton, Ecuador 2021.

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Authors: Maria Isabel RomeroLaura De Jesús Calero ProañoMaria Pin

Abstract: In recent years, research has been carried out related to territorial and urban planning in municipalities of Ecuador. However, there are still municipal organizations that have neglected urban parishes, ignoring places frequented by tourists and local citizens, such as Puerto Jelí, recognized for its gastronomy, high economic potential and tourist opportunities. The present work focuses on developing an essential structure based on an urban-environmental micro-zoning that results in ordering the territory of the study sector in an integral way under sustainable development guidelines, which will allow the development of the strategic plan to enhance the process of making and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants as an agent of exchange of goods and services, wealth creation, innovation and development.

Keywords: Strategic planning, micro-zoning, land use planning, sustainable development, environmental quality, Puerto Jeli Ecuador

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002371

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