"Industry-University-Research" Collaborative Innovative Compound Talent Evaluation System Design Study and Application

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yonghong LiuYanlin YinKeyan LinYiming SongSiyue Lin

Abstract: Explore a scientifically compound talent evaluation system which is suitable for the needs of Industry-University-Research Collaborative innovation, to better serve the collaborative innovation activities of various industries and fields. This research upgrading and innovating a method for constructing talent evaluation system based on Industry-University-Research collaborative innovation needs, design and reconstruction the university laboratory talent evaluation system under the background of "New Engineering Disciplines" with this method. This paper demonstrates how to construct a new user group for talent evaluation system, export and transfer their requirements. This paper design and reconstruction of evaluation system, mining of evaluation indicators, visualization of evaluation results, and design of how to use evaluation results. This research case outputs a modularized combination of University Laboratory talent evaluation system, which consists of 5 major modules, 22 secondary indicators and 95 tertiary indicators. The feasibility, validity and innovation of the results of this study were verified by expert review.

Keywords: Design practice、Visual design、Talent evaluation system design、Competency model

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002392

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