Blended Learning Approach to Youth Entrepreneurship Skills Development

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Authors: Rūta ČiutienėRamunė Čiarnienė

Abstract: The relevance of youth entrepreneurship education has been growing recently. There is also a growing trend to focus on blended learning. However, there is still a gap of knowledge on how blended learning approach can foster youth entrepreneurship education. The paper examines the preconditions for application of blended learning approach to develop youth entrepreneurship skills at school level. Empirical research is based on the case of Lithuanian–Polish cross-border cooperation project “Business can be simple”. The research revealed that blended learning mentoring was helpful as it led to the development of new innovative products and solution of problems. To achieve a smooth blended learning process, emphasis should be placed on time planning, mutual communication, motivation of students, and experience and competence of educators.

Keywords: Blended Learning, Youth Entrepreneurship, Skills Development, Project

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002395

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