Construction of Comprehensive Evaluation Model for Non-Technical Skills of Art Teacher under Cross-Discipline

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Zhang YaoZhao YatingYihang Du

Abstract: Non-technical skills (NTS) refer to the cognitive and interpersonal capability contributing to working performance according to occupation requirements. The NTS of arts education teachers improves education and teaching quality in the art discipline. To evaluate arts education teachers' NTS, we first designed a questionnaire analyzing four dimensions: decision-making, communication skills, self-management, and situational awareness. We extracted twelve indexes of NTS through the data analysis and established an evaluation model. Subsequently, we adopted the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) for weight calculation and constructed a comprehensive evaluation model of art teachers. This model can provide a practical method and basis for evaluating, training, and selecting art teachers in colleges and universities and improving their NTS.

Keywords: Non-technical skills, Aesthetic education teacher, Evaluation model

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002398

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