Student Perceptions of Traditional and Simulated Learning in Greenhouse Management

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Authors: Abigail WernerShuchisnigdha DebRafia RahmanAmelia A A FoxRichard L HarkessDaniel CarruthChristopher R. Hudson

Abstract: Environmental control (EC) units in the greenhouse environment help maximize yields and profits by minimizing energy and labor costs. Instructing students to properly and confidently employ ECs in greenhouse management is critically importance to food production advancement. This paper summarizes existing literature and comprehensive reviews on different teaching methods and student learning behavior for greenhouse environment control and survey tools for understanding student skills attainment. It also focuses on determining which survey items and tools successfully assess academic success, student engagement, and investigate if a particular educational tool developed is the best fit for specific learning outcomes. Findings demonstrate students are more interested in detail-oriented course materials, are receptive to feedback, and want to become confident applying their learning to real-world problems.

Keywords: Virtual reality, greenhouse management, environmental controller unit, training

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002401

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