Integration of Immersive Learning Simulation and Augmented Reality for Healthcare Training: Towards a Transmedia Solution to Address the Opioid Crisis

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Authors: Anya AndrewsDoug Nelson

Abstract: Immersive Learning Simulation (ILS) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies hold tremendous potential for transforming training and education for healthcare professionals and patients. While both ILS and AR have demonstrated an unprecedented level of success in a variety of healthcare training and education applications, particularly in the last few years, combining the two approaches remains a relatively uncharted territory. This is largely due to the relative lack of evidence-based methods, strategies, and practical guidance for the design and implementation of mixed reality and transmedia learning environments. This paper presentation will discuss new integration strategies for bringing together the ILS and AR technologies to provide a mixed transmedia learning experience where the virtual and physical components seamlessly co-exist to create a new level of sophistication for education, training, and human performance support. The ILS/AR integration strategies will be presented within the context of an ongoing federally-sponsored research effort that aims to design, develop, and evaluate an innovative learning solution to help address the national opioid crisis with an ultimate goal of improving outcomes for people at risk for opioid misuse and overdose. Focusing on the training needs of healthcare professionals, first responders, and ordinary people (family members, caregivers, etc.) who are on the frontlines of the ongoing opioid crisis, the presented integrated ILS/AR solution illustrates how this transmedia approach can be used for training diverse learner audiences. Based on this research effort, the presenters will share practical insights, lessons learned, and best practices for the design of comprehensive integrated ILS/AR-based solutions that can be easily applied to create effective and engaging learning experiences for a broad spectrum of training, education, and human performance support needs.

Keywords: simulation, augmented reality, learning, training, education, transmedia, technology integration, healthcare, opioid crisis

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002404

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