Application of Scaffolds in the Computer-Supported Intentional Learning Environment

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Amic Ho

Abstract: Class debates have grown in popularity during the last decade. Educational scholars found that dialogic debates are more instructive than oppositional debates. The movements are made during a disagreement when two parties try to reason together. It compares new ideas to old ones and looks at a topic or issue from several aspects. Education needs dialogic as it allows students to reconstruct personal knowledge and advances scientific understanding. Previously referred to as knowledge building and then now referred to as knowledge creation since its similarities to the literature on innovation and knowledge generation. Knowledge building forum would encourage discourse rather than argumentation, according to the literature on this approach, encompasses a more extensive range of methods than the language-driven ones generally linked with argumentation. Students conducted a class discussion and writing through a knowledge building approach in this study. Their dialogue took place in an online learning environment called a Knowledge Building Forum. The ultimate objective of the research study is to investigate how would teacher include scaffolds into their knowledge building forum note writing and how would they incorporate them into their teaching.

Keywords: Knowledge Construction Tools, Design Education, Knowledge Building Forum

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002408

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