Psycho-emotional state of school children in conditions of quarantine limitations and distance learning

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Authors: Oksana KravchenkoOleksandr SafinYevhen PotapchukSvitlana BobrynovaDariia Karpova

Abstract: The changes that occur at the psychological level have affected the ability to perceive reality and control emotional stress. Increased anxiety is associated with a feeling of loss of control and the inability to distance oneself from automatic negative thoughts that arise as a result of psychological contagion.The purpose of the study is to highlight the features of the psycho-emotional state of schoolchildren in conditions of quarantine restrictions and distance learning.A questionnaire was chosen as a methodological study, the purpose of which is to study the psychological state of schoolchildren and determine their attitude to the need for quarantine and, therefore, distance learning. Studies show that the negative effects of stress are deeper in children under 10 years old. Children of different ages react differently to stressful events.The development of recommendations for children of different ages in order to overcome the consequences of social isolation involves creating opportunities for children of different ages to acquire the necessary psychological knowledge, skills and abilities, which will reduce the effects of quarantine.The creation of a new social reality, due to inevitable changes in the minds of citizens of Ukraine and each individual state, is a systemic process that requires reconstruction of the focus of perception, increasing the vitality and awareness of each person. However, in our opinion, it is necessary to influence children first, because they are more receptive and only form worldviews and values. Eventually, their influence will be decisive in changing the attitude of older generations to the consequences of quarantine, which will establish an internal readiness for negative external factors and formation of adaptive coping strategies of behavior in conditions of social uncertainty and existential crisis.

Keywords: Social reality, educational reality, isolation, pandemic, COVID-19 pandemic, psycho-emotional state, distance learning.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002409

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