How Does Color Matching of Web-based Courseware Affect Learners' Satisfaction

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Authors: Zichen ZhangSha LiuWeiyi Li

Abstract: More and more network teaching activities make the visual design of multimedia courseware become more and more important. As the main means and tools of auxiliary teaching, multimedia courseware carries a large amount of information, and because of the important influence of color on the audience's attention, recognition, pleasure and other aspects, it is particularly important to choose the right color and collocation of courseware. This paper discusses the influence of different combinations of courseware background color and text color on audience satisfaction in multimedia network teaching. In this experiment, 56 undergraduates were tested by scale, and the hue, lightness, purity and text color of background color were taken as experimental variables. Firstly, taking the hue of the background color as the independent variable, the experiments are carried out when the text color is black and white respectively. Then, in accordance with the same method, the purity and brightness of background color were taken as independent variables respectively, and the experimental data were analyzed by one-way ANOVA, fitting curve, paired sample T test and other methods. The results showed that :(1) different background colors had significant influence on viewers' satisfaction (P< 0.05), and due to different text colors (black and white), audience satisfaction is different. Among them, when the text color is black, under different hue background, the audience's satisfaction is ranked from high to the bottom: orange, yellow-green, green, blue-green; When the text color is white, blue, bluish purple are preferred. In addition, the greater the difference between background color and text color, the clearer the visual presentation of content and the higher the satisfaction (P< 0.05). (2) Under the change of brightness of different background colors, viewers' satisfaction also showed significant difference (P< 0.05), the higher the brightness of background color, the higher the satisfaction degree, showing an exponential relationship basically. (3) There was no significant difference in viewer satisfaction between different background colors (P> 0.05). The result of this study, through the data, provides the basis for the color design of network multimedia courseware, which is beneficial to improve the learning experience of the audience in the network teaching.

Keywords: audience satisfaction, multimedia courseware color, color collocation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002418

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