Models and Measures of Arts Teacher Competency under COVID-19 Normalization

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Authors: Pei YanWang ManmanZhao YatingYihang Du

Abstract: Arts teacher competency refer to the collection of professional skills and personality traits that contribute to excellent working performance in accordance to occupation requirements. The education has a huge changed from traditional face-to-face classroom to online environment when the epidemic normalization of COVID-19, and the change has a profound impact on teaching method and puts forward higher requirements for arts teacher's competency. In this paper, we adopt analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to establish an evaluation model for arts teacher competency. The model contained ethic, teaching skills, IT application and non-technical skills (NTS), which provided a theoretical basis for arts teacher selection and continuing education.

Keywords: Teacher competency, digital art design, studio-based practice education

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002424

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