Movement and cognition from the perspective of new technologies.

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Cezary Biele

Abstract: This paper discusses the relationship between movement and mental and cognitive function, as well as the potential for it to be utilized by new technologies. The first section of the paper presents the cerebral mechanisms responsible for associating physical with mental activity, and discusses examples of this influence on cognitive and emotional processes, as well as learning. The second section focuses on physical activity as an element of human interaction with a computer, including, but not limited to, so-called “exergames”. The subject of physical activity and cognitive functions is presented in the final section of the paper from the perspective of immersive virtual reality technology – a tool which appears to be highly compelling. Virtual reality seems uniquely suited to research on the relationship between movement and cognitive function.

Keywords: virtual reality, learning, movement, human-computer interaction

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002382

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