User experience of an automated on-demand shuttle service in public transportation

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Hüseyin AvsarMichael BöhmAnnika DreßlerMarkus FischerUlrike Steinberger

Abstract: Autonomously driving shuttles with electric drive are envisioned to play a complementary role in public transportation in the near future. These vehicles may be used in scenarios where the use of full-sized busses is not technically feasible or economically viable. The compact size of automated shuttles offers the opportunity to operate in narrow streets, to connect suburban areas and to supply on-demand first and last mile services. The integration of an on-demand shuttle service into public transportation was tested and evaluated in a real-world trial in Hamburg-Bergedorf (Germany). A survey covering a large variety of aspects of user experience was created and distributed among users. Overall, the passengers were satisfied with the on-demand shuttle service and indicated that they could imagine to use such a service in the future. The field trial provided valuable insights and revealed the development potential of on-demand shuttle services in public transportation, motivating to continue research in this area.

Keywords: On-demand transportation, user experience, survey, service design, autonomous vehicles

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002454

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