Investigating the Influence of Working Memory Processes on the Box Task combined with a Detection Response Task

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Daniel TrommlerTina MorgensternCornelia HollanderInes KarlFrederik NaujoksJosef KremsAndreas Keinath

Abstract: The assessment of task demand caused by in-vehicle systems is crucial to avoid distraction while driving. The Box Task (BT) in combination with a tactile Detection Response Task (DRT) provides a method for measuring both visual-manual and cognitive secondary task demand. In the present study, the impact of cognitive, auditory-verbal tasks on the BT + DRT performance was investigated. Thirty-two participants had to perform an easy as well as a difficult version of an n-back task and a memory scanning task while simultaneously performing the BT + DRT. There was only a slight effect of cognitive task demand on the BT performance parameters, while the DRT proved to be highly sensitive to cognitive task demand. Therefore, it is assumed that the method is suitable for a differentiated measurement of task demand dimensions.

Keywords: Driver distraction, Evaluation methods, Box Task, Detection Response Task

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002460

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