PersonalAIzation - Exploring concepts and guidelines for AI-driven personalization of in-car HMIs in fully automated vehicles

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Shrivaas Madapusi SundarValeria Bopp-BertenbreiterDaniel ZieglerRavi Kanth KosuruChristian KnechtBastian PflegingFrederik DiederichsHarald Widlroither

Abstract: The role of the driver changes to that of a passenger in autonomous cars. Thus, the vehicle interior transforms from a cockpit into a multimedia station and workspace. This work explores concepts for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide a personalized user experience for the passengers in the form of Contextual Personalized Shortcuts and Personalized Services in the infotainment system. The two use cases were iteratively developed based on literature research and surveys. We evaluated AI- Personalized Services and compared AI-generated to the manually configurable shortcuts. AttrakDiff (Hassenzahl et al., 2003) and Car Technology Acceptance Model (CTAM; Osswald et al., 2012) were used to evaluate UX and user acceptance. The AI-Personalized interface obtained positive scores and reactions in the user testing and shows potential. Based on the insight from the user studies and literature review, we present and human-AI interaction guidelines to build effective AI-personalized HMIs.

Keywords: AI-driven personalization, AI-based services, AI-based concepts, HMIs in fully automated vehicles, AI-driven personalized shortcuts

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002474

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