Evaluation of a User-adaptive Light-based Interior Concept for Supporting Mobile Office Work during Highly Automated Driving

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Fabian WalochaHoai Phuong NguyenUwe DrewitzKlas Arne Ihme

Abstract: Automated driving promises that users can devote their travel time to activities like relaxing or mobile office (MO) work. We present an interior light concept for supporting MO work and evaluate it in a driving simulator study with participants. A vehicle mock-up was equipped as MO including light elements for focus and ambient illumination. Based on these, an adaptive (i.e. adapting to user activities) and an adaptable (i.e. could be changed by user according to preference) light set-up were created and compared to a baseline version. Regarding user experience, the adaptive variant was rated best on hedonic aspects, while the adaptable variant scored highest on pragmatic facets. In addition, the adaptable set-up was ranked best on preference before adaptive and baseline. This suggest that adaption of the interior light to non-driving related activities improves user experience. Future studies should evaluate combinations of the adaptive and the adaptive variants tested here.

Keywords: Level-4 automation, user-adaptive system, vehicle interior design, light adaptation, driving simulator

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002486

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