An Integrated Approach for More Efficiency in Maritime Investigations

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Marcus BehrendtDaniela JohannmeyerBertram WortelenMarcel SaagerJacqueline KlimmekAlexander Steinmetz

Abstract: Incidents such as pollution or smuggling occur regularly at sea. These incidents needto be investigated by the responsible authorities in order to minimise consequentialdamage and prosecute those responsible. However, the current procedures used byinvestigators are very ineffective. That is why we have developed a software toolcalled Smart Profiling Engine (SPE). This tool supports investigators in their workand should lead to greater efficiency. In this paper, we present both the tool and astudy design that we will use to evaluate its efficiency compared to the traditionalinvestigation method.

Keywords: Investigations at Sea, Workflow Processing, User Study, Probabilistic Modelleling And Inference

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002508

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