Operator function model to analyze ship accidents related to navigation aids

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Seung-Kweon Hong

Abstract: A marine Aids of Navigation (AtoN) is a man-made object in waterways used by mariners to determine their ship's location or a safe route. They act like traffic signs on roads used to reduce the risk of traffic accidents. However, traffic signs can't do their job if you can't recognize them, don't understand their meaning, or violate them. In this study, ship accidents caused by the malfunction of navigation aids were investigated. First, maritime officers’ work in the ship bridge work was analyzed using the Operator Function Model (OFM), and among all the functions derived from the analysis, only the functions related to aids to navigation were selected. Using the selected functions as a classification system for ship accidents, recent ship accidents in the Korean coast were analyzed. The ship accident analysis was conducted using written verdicts of the Korean Maritime Safety Tribunal. Cases of ship accidents were confirmed in most of the selected functions. The results of this study can be used for safety education of maritime officers and the deployment, maintenance, and design of AtoN.

Keywords: ship accidents, Aids of Navigation, Operator Function Model, traffic signs.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002513

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