Determinants for Building information modeling adoption in Facilities Management in South Africa: An application of the UTAUT model

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Faith DowelaniObinna Ozumba

Abstract: Based on the diversity of the informational needs of an organisation, various information technology systems are introduced and used to support a wide range of Facilities Management (FM) information. The adoption of BIM in FM offers an opportunity for facilities managers to add value to the facilities planning, maintenance, occupation and operations management. Effective adoption of BIM in FM would require better knowledge of relevant and influential factors, which hitherto have not been explored adequately in emerging economy contexts such as South Africa. Therefore, this study aimed to identify and evaluate the determinants for adopting BIM for FM practice, using South Africa as context and the UTAUT model as a theoretical framework for examining determinants of BIM adoption in FM. Relevant literature review was complemented, and a survey strategy was used for data collection through the development of a questionnaire instrument. The results demonstrate a strong relationship between Performance Expectancy and Behavioural Intention, indicating the influence of organisations and senior management on BIM adoption in FM and that Attitude has a significant effect on Use Behaviour. The findings align with the UTAUT model and add to the body of practical reference BIM adoption in FM.

Keywords: BIM, Facilities Management, determinants, UTAUT model, information management

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002528

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