Development of a data collection system in the cloud as a storage method

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Andres Viscaino - QuitoLuis Serpa-Andrade

Abstract: Data being a quantitative or qualitative representation by which a symbolic or numerical value is indicated or represented, are used in various fields for which data collection processes are performed, based on the proposed objectives. Therefore, a data collection process was developed through a mobile application and web services, which will serve to evaluate and analyze with the help of an expert in the area, the graphomotor skills of children aged 6 to 8 years with motor disabilities. The results obtained at this stage will generate a large amount of information that will be used in the future for the definition of play activities that will complement the skills or deficiencies derived once the evaluation stage is completed, it will also be possible to implement or improve a completer and more robust database that will serve not only for graphomotor but also for different areas that work with these children.

Keywords: System, data, collection, shortcomings, skills, graphomotor

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002529

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