Immersive AR Landmark-based Campus Wayfinding Solution with Focus on People with Navigation Difficulties

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Authors: Zahrasadat GolestanhaDebra Satterfield

Abstract: The focus of this study is to develop an indoor navigation solution for use on a mobile device to help students, especially those with navigation difficulties, better navigate their environment independently and with confidence. This research employed mixed methods, including expert interviews and case studies, to better understand the wayfinding experience of students or faculty (particularly those with navigation difficulties) and to gain a comprehensive perspective on campus wayfinding experiences. A mobile app, "BeachLead," was developed on the iOS platform. BeachLead is a landmark-based Augmented reality (AR) wayfinding platform that helps students navigate indoor spaces on campus. Students can follow landmarks to find their destination and trace their way back to the first position. This platform gamifies navigation by allowing students to hit the targets (landmarks) and embed little moments of fun during their route. Using this platform will improve the campus navigation experience, increase environmental awareness, and reduce stress and cognitive load. The data and navigation prototype will be shown and discussed.

Keywords: Navigation, Augmented Reality (AR), Landmark, Campus Wayfinding, Mobile Application, Neurodiversity

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002543

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