Bridging the Gap Between Industry and Education: Engaging Design Professionals in the Education of Student Designers

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Julie HurleyNico RaddatzDebra Satterfield

Abstract: I-SPACE, Innovation for Students, Practitioners, Alumni, and Community Engagement, is a new model for higher education that uses online and hybrid teaching strategies to facilitate extended interactions between students and design professionals. Using I-SPACE online meetings to bridge the gap between industry and education, students obtain industry collaborations with design professionals, giving an internship-type of experience in the classroom and introducing them to high quality early career networking opportunities. I-SPACE also provides a valuable tool for diversity, equity, and inclusion in professional design education. By using the I-SPACE online and hybrid model of teaching, students from underserved and at-risk populations or those with limited monetary resources can more effectively engage with the professional design community. I-SPACE focuses on three professional practice inspired models of engagement: Co-Creation Student Practitioner, Student Mentorship, and Professional Practice. I-SPACE effectively integrates social networking and complex problem solving into the online curriculum through student collaborations with alumni, design professionals, and community stakeholders.

Keywords: Industry, Design, Collaboration, Education

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002537

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